Vareniki $10
10 large potato-filled dumplings cooked in rapid boiling water. Lightly coated in butter and glazed onion. Served with sour cream.
Very popular in Russia. Originates from Ukraine.

Borsch $6
Traditional Russian beetroot and cabbage soup, vegetarian or meat.
Served with dark rye bread.

Pilmeni $11
Traditional meat dumplings cooked in
rapid boiling water. 20 in a serve.
Served with sour cream.
Originates from Siberia. 

Cutletti  $11
(2 in serve)
Traditional Russian meatballs oven-baked in a delicious chicken broth. Served with steamed rice and vinigrett (traditional Russian beetroot salad).

Russian style chicken schnitzel $11

Served with creamy leek and mushroom sauce, rice and salad.

Traditional Russian oven baked bread roll stuffed with meat.

A variety of traditional home-made cakes cakes
and pastries.

Take-away also available.